At one time i used to make for breakfast thermos bottle wheat daily. As i remember, to get the best results you have to use the most efficient methods and equipment.

  1. Best to use a 1 quart glass lined wide mouth thermos bottle (a cheap one will work). I think stainless steel lined thermos bottles will probably work. Some people recommend stainless over glass. I have always been under the impression that the "vacuum" was much better in an old fashioned glass-lined vacuum bottle.
  2. A plastic or metal strainer is helpful for pouring out the contents (water & wheat) of the thermos bottle.
  3. Get a container to boil water in like a tea kettle or (1 gallon or smaller) any pot.
  4. Pour boiling water into the wide mouth thermos bottle to almost full; let sit for a few minutes to pre-heat the thermos bottle. It is very important to pre-heat the thermos bottle. Please be very careful with boiling water. Probably best to pour boiling or very hot water slowly into thermos bottle.
  5. Special note about thermos bottle openings. I think it may be difficult to find a wide mouth glass vacuum bottle. You will probably be stuck with having to use one of the newer wide mouth stainless steel vacuum bottles such as a Nissan, Thermos, Aladdin Stanley 32oz/1qt Vacuum Steel Thermos Bottle or some other brand. There are many.
  6. COOKING CHEAP   Take a look at this website or blog about one man's thermos recipes and advice.
  7. KURT SAXON   This webpage has some good explanation about cooking with a thermos bottle.
  8. eHOW.COM   Here is another site which explains how to cook using a thermos bottle.
  9. Pour out hot water in thermos bottle, pour in about 1/3 to 1 cup whole wheat berries (hard red winter wheat).
  10. Pour the remainder of the boiled water into thermos bottle to fill. Leave a small amount of airspace. Screw the stopper back on.
  11. This is important to get best results:   Lay thermos bottle on it's side for overnight cooking of the wheat! Also consider maybe placing a small blanket on top of the thermos bottle to help with heat retention. Basically, you go to bed and you put the thermos bottle to bed also (not in your bed; put on the kitchen counter or table). Some websites say minimum of 8 hrs cooking time required.
  12. In the morning stand thermos bottle back up - unscrew stopper and pour into strainer. Pour strainer contents into bowl; top with salt, real butter & honey. Mix it up good.
  13. Now eat with a spoon.
  14. One thing i want to mention though. At first it worked very well and the cooked wheat berries were big and plump. Then after a while the results kind of diminished and the cereal did not turn out as good as when i started. I do not know if it was because the quality of the wheat changed or what. There was a special brand i used - i think it was called Walton Feed.
  15. Another thing about this cooked cereal is that it is very nutritious and low cost even when taking into consideration the cost of boiling the water. I think one time i fiqured it cost about 5 a serving. Based on the price of a 50lb. bag of wheat. That was years ago. Maybe the cost due to inflation has doubled to 10.


Have a nice day!
Pictured: Maxam 1 Liter Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask
Model KTHERM12 Thermos Vacuum Bottle